Advantages of sex with friends

Advantages of sex with friends

24.12.2018 0 By admin

Why in general the concept of sex friendship has become relevant? The reason is that nowadays sex is practically not perceived solely as part of love and serious relationship. It is something independent now, separated from relationships.

What is so good at sex with friends

When having sex with friends, you examine sexual relations from the perspective of benefits. In this case, the requirements for a partner may be quite different. The potential, status, income level and other great qualities of a man become less important. Other wishes come to the fore: accessibility, convenience, ease, mutual pleasure and completely different obligations to each other.

In this case, you know your lover well. Your interests may coincide, it is interesting for you together – on these grounds the friendship is based. And when the relationship is light, the woman feels relaxed and has more opportunities to enjoy sex. Plus, you probably know about your partner love affairs and attitudes towards intimate hygiene and health. The risk of catching diseases is significantly reduced.

Long-time acquaintance and good relationships contribute to trust and openness. Thereby, you can calmly talk to each other about your preferences and desires. Open sexual communication between friends always increases the number of orgasms.